“Keep competitive !” – your Chinese plywood supplier’s philosophy

Our plywood exports:

We are working as an sourcing agent or exporter in China. We serve global importers who buy Chinese plywood, film faced plywood .

Started to export plywood 10 years ago. Now working as sales manager and QC manager. We are professional and experienced. We have exported plywood to over 20 countries .With over 10 years experience in plywood business, we have some close cooperative manufacturers/factories to offer premium plywood at most competitive prices !

Philosophy & Advantage:

“Keep competitive !” is our business philosophy. It means “keep us competitive and finally keep you competitive”. Most of Chinese plywood factories can not export independently by themselves. Generally speaking, about 95% of good medium plywood factories can not export by themselves and more than 50% capacity of big plywood factories are exported through trading companies . If we help you source directly from good mills, you will become more competitive in your market . This’s our advantage.

Products: plywood, film faced plywood


(1) plywood

We offer all kinds of Chinese plywood in various sizes, thicknesses and grades. Like hardwood plywood, birch plywood, red oak plywood, beech plywood, pine plywood,  furniture plywood, marine grade plywood , cabinet grade plywood, WBP plywood, E0 / E1 plywood, thin plywood, 18mm plywood, etc.

Applications: furniture, cabinet, decorating, floors, walls and roofs, vehicle building, packages and boxes, fencing .


film faced shuttering plywood

(2) film faced plywood

We offer top quality and medium quality film faced plywood overlaid with phenol or melamine film on both sides. We use Dynea phenolic brown film and Dynea phenolic glue for our high quality FFP. We also offer black color film faced plywood, green color film faced plywood or even PVC shuttering plywood.

Applications: concrete formwork panels / shuttering plywood, walls, floors, roofs, advertising boards, scaffolding .

The target market for our plywood:

Plywood market maps(1) Europe

United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, etc.

(2) Middle East area

United Arab Emirates(Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Qatar, Saudi Arabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, etc.

(3) North America

USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.

(4) Other market

We focus on the above-mentioned market area, but we also sell to any other market or countries like Australia, Kenya, Thailand, India etc.