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We sell blockboard to United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and other middle east countries.

Blockboard Prices

Commodity: Blockboard

BB/CC grade

Okoume face,

Hardwood  back,

E2 glue

Pine core
Size:                           FOB Prices Lianyungang Port, China
18.0 1220 2440            313.00 USD/CBM 16.78 USD/PC
15.0 1220 2440            342.00 USD/CBM 15.27 USD/PC

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Freight Charges for Gulf Region

LIANYUNGANG PORT is one of the main ports which export huge quantity of plywood , film faced plywood, blockboard, MDF in China. Gulf Region import huge quantity .

The following is the freight charges for Gulf Region from LIANYUNGANG PORT, CHINA.

Gulf Region: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait,Bahrain, Oman,

Country: United Arab Emirates
Port Name:                 20GP/40GP/40HQ (USD)                  
DUBAI ——————————–900 /1600/ 1600
ABU DHABI————————1100 /1900 /1900
SHARJAH—————————1680 /2150 /2150

Country:Saudi Arabia
Port Name:                 20GP/40GP/40HQ (USD)   
DAMMAM————————–1100 /1900/ 1900
JEDDAH—————————–1350 /2300/ 2300
RIYADH—————————–1620 /2500/ 2500

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JPIC Plywood Introduction to JPIC Formaldehyde Emission Grades

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas which is hazardous to health. Japan has one of the strictest Formaldehyde Emission standards in the world . JAS JPIC Standard use a four-star system to indicate the Formaldehyde Emission Grades for plywood, Blockboard, MDF, hardboard, furniture and other wooden boards.

JAS lists the Formaldehyde Emission grades in JIS A 1460 (2005) Building Boards Determination of formaldehyde emission – Desicator method / JAS JPIC-EW.SE00-01 / Notification No. 1751 2008 Japanese Agricultural Standard for Plywood and some other standards for other wooden products.

Japanese Formaldehyde Emission Grades (mg/L)

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