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Adhesives Spreader Adhesives For Man-made Boards

In contrast to solid wood boards, Man-made Boards are made of wood chips, wood blocks, wood veneers, wood fibers or grass fibers. In the production of man-made boards, adhesives should be used to hold the raw materials together under heat and pressure .

Common types of man-made boards are plywood, OSB, blockboard, chipboard, fibreboard, hardboard, finger joint board, laminated veneer lumber.

What adhesives are used in man-made boards ?

1. Urea Formaldehyde (UF), is thermosetting resin made from urea and formaldehyde. UF glue is Moisture Resistant (MR) grade. UF adhesive is used for all man-made panels.

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Floor Top 10 Floor Brands In China


The brand belongs to Baroque Timber Industries (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. They are manufacture of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring . They provide OEM floor for some well-known international flooring wholesalers.

2. Power Dekor
Power Dekor has been awarded “Chinese Famous Brand”. In 2009, Power Dekor ranked No. 90 with a brand value of over RMB7.815 billion in the list of "Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in
China "

3. Nature
Nature is one of the well-known flooring brand in China. Produce 29,000,000 M2 of solid, 3-layer and multilayer engineered flooring per year .

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Hardwood Logs Applications Of Hardwood & The Principles For Choosing A Hardwood

Hardwoods are used in a large range of applications:

1. Furniture
2. Door & Window
3. Flooring & Decking
4. Wall Panel & Ceiling
5. Joinery
6. Cabinetry
7. Moulding & Turning
8. Plywood, Veneer, Man-made Board
9. Ship Building
10. Stair
11. Railway Sleeper
12. Post
13. Toy, Gift, Crafts
14. Tool Handle
15. Musical Instrument
16. Construction & Decoration

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