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Withdrawn Fiberboard Standard (Japanese JPIC/JAS Standards)

JIS A 5553:1977
Sheathing insulation fibreboards nails

JIS A 5903:1993
Dressed hard fibreboards

JIS A 5906:1983
Medium density fibreboards

JIS A 5907:1977
Hard fibreboards

JIS A 5910:1975
Dressed hard fibreboard for exterior use

JIS A 5912:1992
Insulation fibreboard sandwich tatamidoko

JIS A 5913:1983
Insulation fibreboard tatamidoko


JIS A 6304:1972
Soft fibreboards for acoustic use

JIS Z 0401:1995
Method of compression test for corrugated fibreboard

JIS Z 0501:1992
Standard for color printed on corrugated fibreboard

JIS Z 1537:1995
Water proof corrugated fibreboards

JIS Z 1570:1963
Corrugated fibreboard boxes for charcoal

JAS: Japanese Agricultural Standard
MAFF: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)
JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards

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