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Withdrawn Flooring Standard  (Japan JPIC/JAS Standards)

JIS A 5707:1990
P.V.C. floor sheets

TR A 0002:1997
Floor panel for building — Evaluation indexes for slipperiness

JIS C 8351:1985
Underfloor ducts (steel)

JIS C 8355:1991
Fittings for underfloor ducts

JIS C 8359:1991
General rules for fittings of metal conduits and underfloor ducts

JIS L 0212:1984
Glossary of textile terms on beddings, floor coverings, furnishings etc.

JIS L 1021:1999
Testing methods for construction of textile floor coverings

JIS L 1022:1992
Testing methods for loss of thickness by loading of textile floor coverings

JIS L 1023:1992
Testing methods for several characteristics of textile floor coverings

JIS A 1418:1995
Method for field measurement of floor impact sound level

JIS A 1440:1997
Laboratory measurement of the reduction of transmitted tapping machine impact sound by floor coverings on a solid standard floor

JIS A 1512:1995
Test methods for performance of floor-hinges, door-closers and hinge-closers

JIS A 5543:1975
Floor hinges

MAFF: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)
JAS: Japanese Agricultural Standard
JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards

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