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Withdrawn Standards For Door & Window  (Japanese JPIC/JAS Standards )

JIS A 1510-1:2001
Test method for door fittings of buildings — Part 1: Locks and latches

JIS A 1511:1995
Test methods for door fittings

JIS A 1512:1995
Test methods for performance of floor-hinges, door-closers and hinge-closers

JIS A 4601:1973
Wooden flash doors

JIS A 4602:1973
Wooden sliding glass doors

JIS A 4712:1986
Steel and aluminium door sets for entrance of dwellings

JIS A 4714:1995
PVC windows for interior installed

JIS A 5509:1971
Sliding door rails

JIS A 5511:1972
Doorhinges (with bushing or washers)

JIS A 5512:1979
Sheaves for sliding doors and windows

JIS A 5516:1972
Doorhinges (with ball bearing)

JIS A 5518:1992
Fittings for doors and doorsets

JIS A 5535:1976
Cylindrical locks and tubular locks for doors

JIS A 5544:1975
Door closers

JIS A 5546:1979
Chain door fasteners

JIS F 2316:1987
Fittings for weather-tight steel doors

JIS K 6785:1995
Profiles for rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) window

JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards
JAS: Japanese Agricultural Standard
MAFF: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)

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