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Withdrown Standards For Pulp & Paper (Japanese JPIC/JAS Standards )

JIS P 2101:1962
Sulphite pulp for paper

JIS P 2102:1962
Kraft pulp for paper

JIS P 2103:1962
Ground pulp for paper

JIS P 2701:1964
Dissolving pulp

JIS P 3001:1995

JIS P 3101:1989
Printing papers

JIS P 3102:1958
Printing paper b

JIS P 3103:1958
Printing paper c

JIS P 3104:1958
Printing paper d

JIS P 3105:1989
Art papers

JIS P 3201:1995
Writing papers

JIS P 3202:1958
Writing paper b

JIS P 3203:1958
Writing paper c

JIS P 3301:1995
Drawing papers

JIS P 3302:1958
Drawing paper a2

JIS P 3303:1958
Drawing paper b

JIS P 3412:1995
Kraft extensible paper

JIS P 3901:1976
Carbonizing paper

JIS P 4001:1976
Body paper for fumigating tent for citrus fruits

JIS P 4500:1959
Tissue paper (machine-made paper)

JIS P 4502:1994
Base paper of continuous business form

JIS P 4504:1995
Diazotype base paper

JIS P 4505:1999
Diazo Sensitized Papers

JIS P 5101:1976
Fumigating tent for citrus fruits (paper)

JIS P 5102:1992
Stencil paper for typewriter

JIS P 5103:1963
Carbon paper

JIS P 5104:1958
Card for addressing machine

JIS P 8001:1976
Sampling and preparation method for analysis of pulpwood

JIS P 8002:1996
Pulpwood — Determination of moisture content for analysis

JIS P 8003:1995
Pulpwood and pulp — Determination of ash

JIS P 8004:1976
Testing method for cold-water solubility of pulpwood

JIS P 8005:1976
Testing method for hot-water solubility of pulpwood

JIS P 8006:1976
Testing method for 1% sodium hydroxide solubility of pulpwood

JIS P 8007:1976
Testing method for cellulose in wood for pulp

JIS P 8008:1976
Testing method for lignin in wood for pulp

JIS P 8009:1976
Testing method for ether solubility of wood for pulp

JIS P 8010:1976
Testing method for alcohol-benzene solubility of pulpwood

JIS P 8011:1976
Testing method for pentosan in pulpwood

JIS P 8012:1976
Testing method for holocellulose in pulpwood

JIS P 8013:1976
Testing method for methoxyl groups in pulpwood

JIS P 8014:1994
Testing method for density of pulpwood and woodchips

JIS P 8015:1976
Testing method for moisture in woodchips and sawdusts by toluene method

JIS P 8101:1994
Testing method for dissolving pulp

JIS P 8123:1961
Testing method for brightness by hunter of paper and pulp

JIS P 8128:1995
Paper and board — Determination of ash

JIS P 8130:1994
Testing method for oil absorptiveness of paper and paperboard

JIS P 8132:1994
Testing method for stretch of paper and paperboard

JIS P 8137:1976
Testing method of repellency of paper and paperboard

JIS P 8138:1976
Testing method for opacity of paper

JIS P 8139:1994
Testing method for ply adhesion of paperboard

JIS P 8146:1976
Testing method for grease resistance of paper

JIS P 8204:1976
Method of testing ash content for paper pulp

JIS P 8205:1976
Method of testing pitch content of paper pulp

JIS P 8206:1994
Testing method for permanganate number of paper pulp

JIS P 8209:1994
Method of preparing handsheets for pulptesting

JIS P 8210:1994
Testing method for strength of paper pulp

JIS P 9001:1976
Testing methods for refined cotton linter

JIS P 9002:1994
Testing method of tissue paper for nitrocellulose

JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards
JAS: Japanese Agricultural Standard
MAFF: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan)

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