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Natural Cork, Natural Cork Products, Blocks, Plates, Sheets, Strip
(Harmonized System Codes – HS Code Number)
45.01 Natural cork,raw or simply prepared; waste cork;crushed,granulated or ground cork:
4501.1000 -Natural cork, raw or simply prepared
4501.9010 —Waste cork
4501.9020 —Crushed,granulated or ground cork (Cork wood is broken,the cork wood granule or cork wood turns to powder)
45.02 Natural cork,debarked or roughly squared, or in rectangular (including square) blocks, plates,sheets or strip,(including sharp-edged blanks for corks or stoppers):
4502.0000 Natural cork,debarked or roughly squared,or in rectangular (including square) blocks,plates, sheets or strip,(including sharp-edged blanks for corks or stoppers)
45.03 Articles of natural cork:
4503.1000 -Corks and stoppers
4503.9000 -Other
45.04 Agglomerated cork (with or without a binding substance) and articles of agglomerated cork:

4504.1000 -Blocks,plates,sheets and strip;tiles of any shape; solid cylinders,including discs
4504.9000 -Other

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