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If you want to import or buy plywood/film faced plywood/blockboard , firstly you have to make an inquiry . The seller will quote the prices for you according to your inquiry . So a suitable inquiry is very important in the business . Then , how to make a suitable and correct and clear inquiry ?

The goal of an inquiry is to show what products and quality you need . You may simply inquire your sellers as the following : I want "plywood, size 1220X2440mm, 18mm thick, BB/CC grade Okoume face/back, poplar core , MR glue " . But I think this inquiry is very vague . Because there are several grades of poplar core and MR glue avaiable for BB/CC grade plywood . When the seller viewing this inquiry, he may have to guess what you need and then quote the prices by his business experience ; or he may confirm with you further on your quality requirement .

The seller always prefer a detailed / clear inquiry . The more detailed the inquiry is, the better . A detailed/clear inquiry is as the following:

1)Product name,
2)Species of Face/back and its grade,
3)Species of the Core and its grade,
4)Glue(ordinary glue or better glue or your special requirement)
6)Thickness and thickness tolerance(the minimum thickness),
7)Quantity(the price for large quantities is more favorable ),
8)The end use of the products(This is important . The craftsmanship and costs for the products of different end uses are different ),
9)other special requirement

However, sometimes buyer/importer don’t know exactly what their quality requirement should be . In this situation, the buyer/importer had better to consult an experienced seller/exporter by simply tell them : Product Name, Size and thickness, the end use and so on .  An experienced seller / exporter will work out a good solution to meet your requirement .

Anyway, the buyer / importer had better to learn more knowledge about the quality of plywood/film faced plywood / blockboard from books , friends or the website See See Plywood

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