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Bargaining over prices is an interesting stage during the business negotiation for plywood/film faced plywood/blockboard . The buyers request for "the lowest prices", while the sellers should guarantee the quality and reasonable profit rate . In this situation, what the seller should do ?

As a supplier for plywood/film faced plywood/blockboard, in my mind, if the quality requirement has been fixed, it’s difficult for suppliers to reduce the prices a lot . Because plywood Market is a competitive market . In order to quote competetive prices, suppliers maintain only a reasonable (not high) profit rates in their prices . If reducing their prices a lot, they will have no profits from that business .

Anyhow, gernerally speaking, if the buyer makes a counter-offer , the supplier will reduce their prices a little (about 1 to 3 dollors per CBM) as an expression for friendliness and sincerity .

In fact, baraining usually is not so interesting. Sometimes, after I quoted the final/bottom prices, the buyers still wanted me to reduce the prices a lot . If you were me, what would you do ?

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