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plywood_poplar_core Sometimes, customers may require "zero thickness tolerance" for plywood / film faced plywood . Unfortunately, no suppliers can provide plywood/film faced plywood of "0mm thickness tolerance" . The reasons are as the following:

1. Thickness tolerance on core veneers is unavoidable . Core veneers for plywood were rotary-cut from logs . While there is thickness tolerance both on each piece of veneers and between different pieces . So plywood are made of core veneers with thickness tolerance .

2. The compression ratio and the pressure for all the sheets of plywood can not be absolutely the same . Tiny differences should exist .

3. During sanding , even if the best Sanding machine can not guarantee "zero tolerance sanding ".

4. The actual thickness may vary accordingly if the moisture content of plywood changes . The Moisture Content of plywood will change according to the changes of Air Humidity . If the MC of plywood become a little higher, the actual thickness of plywood will become a little thicker accordingly . Otherwise, if the MC of plywood become a little lower, the actual thickness of plywood will become a little thinner .

Moreover,  you can not confirm whether a panel is "zero thickness tolerance" or not . When measuring the thickness , there are also errors in the reading of digits/numbers from a micrometer . Besides, reasonably speaking, it’s certainly not necessary to require a panel to be "zero thickness tolerance" for your end use .


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