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Eucalypt(Eucalyptus) is a genus of hardwood (please refer to the explanation at: ) . Eucalypt core veneers are suitable for the production of plywood / film faced plywood .

Generally speaking, in China, Eucalypt plywood means the core veneers are Eucalypt but the face/back are not Eucalypt . Usually the face/back are Okoume, Meranti (Red Canarium), Bingtangor and other good-looking hardwood species.

Some customers also prefer to use Eucalypt for the combi plywood (combination plywood) . A research report observed that "plywood(three-ply) made of combination of Eucalyptus-Paulownia-Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus-Poplar-Eucalyptus and Poplar-Eucalyptus-Poplar veneers meet the IS specifications at all three pressure levels, viz. 10.5, 14.0 and 17.5 kg/cm2" <Document Title: Journal of the Timber Development Association of India, 2005 (Vol. 51) (No. 1/2) 43-50)>.

Eucalypt(Eucalyptus) Plywood/Film Faced Plywood are of high quality . They are about 20% more expensive than poplar plywood/film faced plywood .

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I’m just curious, is there any disadvantage in using eucalyptus plywood compare to spruce-pine-fir plywood?

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