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Veneer Plywood Veneer plywood means "Plywood , the core of which are made of wood veneers" .  "Veneer plywood" is also described as "veneered plywood" (please refer to definition of Veneered Plywood) .

The species of core veneers are rotary cut from poplar, hardwood , birch or other wood logs . However, the species of face/back veneer can be wood or non-wood .

Veneer plywood have better strength than Blockboard Core Plywood .

Veneer plywood are the common kind of plywood and are widely used for furniture , construction, packing, DIY and so on .

The glue for veneer plywood can be MR glue or WBP glue . MR plywood is for interior use . But sometimes MR plywood can be for exterior use for some small projects , too (for example: MR glue shuttering film faced plywood) .  WBP plywood is suitable for both interior use and exterior use . For example, WBP birch plywood is usually used for furniture (interior use), while WBP film faced plywood is usually used as shuttering concrete form .

Marine plywood is the best WBP veneer plywood . Strictly speaking, no core gaps should exist in the core of marine plywood .

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