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Birch Plywood

Birch is a kind of hardwood . Birch veneers have a good-looking appearance . So birch plywood have won good popularity in plywood market .

Birch plywood can be divided into 2 categories as the following:
Category 1. Full birch plywood (i.e. birch throughout plywood)
Category 2. Plywood with birch face/back veneers only, while the core of the plywood is not birch .

The quality of full birch plywood is very good . But the prices are very high . Full birch plywood is about two times as expensive as poplar plywood .

Plywood with birch F/B only is still of good quality . But it is very economical . The prices are about 30% less than the prices for full birch plywood .

Europe and USA/Canada import birch plywood in large quantities . The market demand for WBP full birch plywood is especially huge .

We export WBP birch plywood mainly to Europe .

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