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Plywood made of a single wood species has its own drawbacks . For example, birch throughout plywood has good looking appearance but expensive, while poplar throughout plywood are economical but looks not as good as birch face/back veneers .  To achieve an economical and good looking plywood, the solution will be birch faced plywood with poplar core (combi plywood) .

Combi , i.e. combination, which refers to plywood made of 2 or more wood species . Combi plywood / film faced plywood can be combined species of birch and conifer, birch and pine, birch and Eucalypt, birch and poplar, different red hardwood species, mixed light hardwood (MLH) and so on .

But in China, plywood core of which is made of only one wood species is not seen as combi plywood . Chinese people usually think plywood of combined core as combi plywood .

Combi plywood has a lot of advantages and can meet different kinds of requirement for construction, joinery, furniture and transport industries where the high strength of birch throughout plywood or hardwood throughout plywood is not required .


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