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Imprinted Film Faced Plywood (Formwork Plywood)Imprinted Film Faced Plywood (Formwork Plywood)

More and more companies want to build their own brands for film faced plywood (Formwork plywood). So some customers require to print their brand names or logos onto the film for their plywood (like the left picture).

A lot of imprinted brown film faced plywood have been exported to Europe and Middle East (Dubai, Saudi Arabia and so on) .

The common imprinted film in China is brown color . One of our customers asked me for imprinted black film , however which is not available .

The imprinted film of foreign brands , such as Dynea film, Stora-Enso film, are available . The imprinted film of Chinese brands are economical and

cheaper . After China wood industry’s rapid growth for several years , the quality of Chinese brand film have become good , too .

If a customer want to order imprinted film faced plywood, he should firstly advise his supplier of his brand name or logos to let his supplier order the imprinted film in advance. His supplier should order the imprinted film 10-30 days before production . The film factory should make a new mould to print the brand name/logos onto the film .

If the ordered quantity is less than 300CBM, the film factory will charge extra for the new mould for the imprinted film .

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