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Before your visit to your potential supplier, business discussion is important . A successful business discussion can result in a fruitful business trip .

During business discussion in the beginning, you should let your potential supplier know your quality requirement in detail (such as grade of plywood, kind of face/back veneers or films, species of wood, glue, size, thickness, the probable usage of the plywood and so on) . More detailed, the better .

If your supplier has better understanding what your quality requirements are,he maybe suggest a better date for your visit, on which the factory is producing your required plywood; or he maybe prepare some of your required plywood to let you check the actual quality .

During discussion, it’s better to speak out your opinion on supplier’s quotation . Don’t keep silent ! Your comments and questions can bring out a successful discussion for both of you and your supplier. Besides, you also will know more about your supplier from the discussion .

However, you may still have some questions which can be clarified only in workshop before you placing orders. Then it’s time to visit the plywood factory .

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