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A good travel plan can save you a lot of time and money .

(1) Goals of your business trip
Your goals may be to have a look at workshop, confirm quality standard, evaluate supply ability, discuss prices furthermore and so on .
At all events, keep all your goals in mind during journey .

(2) Best route of journey
Usually customers will visit several factories in different cities . It’s a good idea to decide when and where to go first , second, third —— . If you are not sure which the best route is , consult your suppliers/friends .

(3) Booking Hotel Room
You can ask a travel company or your supplier to help you book Hotel Room . But I think usually your supplier can help you book a better hotel room at more favorable prices .

(4) Your arrival and travel between cities
Tell your supplier of the dates of your arrival and departure so as to let your supplier make some preparation for warming reception and help you book tickets for train or plane between cities .

(5) Your Taboos
If you have some taboos, such as in food, drink, it’s better to tell your supplier of your taboos in advance . This will ensure no embarrassment occur during your travel .

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