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OSB (Oriented Strand Board)OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered wood panel made of wood strands, which are in cross-oriented pattern and bonded with adhesives under heat and pressure .

OSB is different from MDF and Particle Board . MDF is made of wood powder . Particle Board is made of wood powder and very small wood chips which are put in random pattern . These are why OSB is better than MDF and Particle Board in strength, stiffness and consistency .

Depending on the glue used, OSB can be suitable for interior or exterior applications and be classified into 4 groups (BS EN 300):

OSB/1 – General purpose panels for use in dry conditions
OSB/2 – Load-bearing panels for use in dry conditions
OSB/3 – Load-bearing panels for use in humid conditions
OSB/4 – Heavy duty load-bearing panels for use in humid conditions

OSB is cheaper than plywood . The wood strands for OSB come from cheaper small logs. The wood veneers for plywood come from large logs .

OSB is a good substitute for plywood in some applications, such as furniture, roof, wall, sub floor, DIY and so on . The growth in global OSB consumption has been rapid in recent years .

China not only produces/exports OSB, but also imports OSB .

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