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Red Oak Fancy Plywood (Decorative Plywood) Fancy plywood , also called decorative plywood , is usually veneered with good-looking hardwood veneers , such as red oak, ash, white oak, birch, maple, teak, sapele , cherry, beech, walnut and so on .

Fancy plywood is much more expensive than common commercial plywood . Generally speaking, the fancy face/back veneers (outer veneers) are about 2~6 times as expensive as common hardwood face/back veneers (such as red hardwood veneers, Okoume veneers, Red Canarium veneers, poplar veneers, pine veneers and so on) . In order to save costs, most of customers require only one side of plywood to be faced with fancy veneers and the other side of plywood to be faced with common hardwood veneers.

Fancy plywood is used where the appearance of plywood is most important . So the fancy veneers should have good-looking grain and be top grade (A grade). Fancy plywood are very flat, smooth.

Fancy veneers can be plain sliced, quarter sliced or rotary cut (such as rotary cut fancy birch veneer) .

Usually, fancy veneers are natural wood . But artificial (man-made) fancy veneers (also called engineered wood veneers) are also available . Artificial fancy veneers look similar to natural wood veneers but are much cheaper .

The raw materials for fancy plywood should be much better . For example, the core of fancy plywood should be good quality whole piece core veneers .

Fancy plywood are widely used for furniture, cabinets, doors, household decoration .

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hello , we are intrested in fancy ply woow. 2.7 mm 8 * 4 like red oak red beach burma teak all natural. and ev white oal.also we need all in 2.7 mm M D F,PL SEND GOOD C & F KARACHI PRICE. THANKS REGDS

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