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Giant Panda is eating bamboo. On 2008.12.23, we made a tour of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding . It was a really interesting tour . I have seen Giant Pandas for the first time with my own eyes .

Giant Panda is cute. When we were seeing them, they continued enjoying their delicious food – bamboo .

A lot of people (especially Children) like Giant Panda . Every year, many domestic and foreign visitors go to Chengdu Panda Base to see Giant Pandas .

Giant Panda is endangered animal . Giant Panda is Chinese national treasure, the first class national protected animal in China. In the world, the No. of Giant Pandas is less than 1000 . Only China has Giant Pandas now .

Giant Pandas The baby Giant Panda is only about 200g . But the weight of an adult Giant Panda is 80—125kgs . Though Giant Pandas look fat, they excel at climbing trees .

Giant Panda has a mild nature. Usually, they won’t attack human being or other animals . But a female Giant Panda may attack if someone wanted to hurt her baby.

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