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Bamboo Plywood Bamboo plywood is made of bamboo woven-mats, bamboo curtains, bamboo strips or a few of wooden veneers, which are glued and then pressed under high temperature and high pressure . The production process of bamboo plywood are similar but different to the production process of common plywood made of wood .

Bamboo is a kind of very hard material, so bamboo plywood is of higher strength than common plywood . Bamboo plywoods are widely used as shuttering plywood, trucks & cars floors, packing materials .

In China, construction companies use two kinds of shuttering plywood, one is poplar shuttering plywood , the other is bamboo shuttering plywood . Bamboo shuttering plywood is expensive . So bamboo plywood is usually used for big construction projects . Bamboo shuttering plywood can be used for more times than poplar plywood .

Bamboo shuttering plywood can be used instead of hardwood film faced plywood and birch film faced plywood .

There are three kinds of bamboo shuttering plywood (Concrete Form) :
Bamboo Plywood

1. Bamboo throughout plywood (Concrete Form), face/back are treated with film (or glue). The pattern of bamboo woven-mats of the core can be seen . Bamboo throughout plywood is widely used in China .





Bamboo Plywood (Combi Core) 2. Bamboo plywood (Concrete Form), combi core (the first & last core layers are poplar veneers, other core layers are bamboo), face/back covered with film. The combi bamboo film faced plywood looks beautiful .






3. Plain bamboo plywood, core plies are all bamboo like the first kind of bamboo plywood, but the face/back have not been treated . The quality is still high . Chinese construction companies also like to use plain bamboo plywood.

Judging from the picture, is the face/back not smooth ? 
No, in fact the appearance is smooth because the face/back have been well sanded .

We supply bamboo plywood.  If you have any inquiries, please feel freely to leave a message by comment at the end of the post or E-mail to .

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