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Some buyers are looking for Cheap Shuttering Plywood . Finally they start to buy very bad quality black film faced plywood or brown film faced plywood . But I think rubbish film faced plywood is not a good choice if you want cheap plywood for shuttering purpose .

If you need cheap shuttering plywood, I recommend the Oil Treated Plywood . The surfaces and edges are treated with water-proof materials, so the plywood can be easily removed from solidified concrete .

The advantages of Oil Treated Plywood are that:

1. much cheaper than film faced plywood, because you don’t need to pay for the costs of film for Oil Treated Plywood;

2. much stronger than rubbish film faced plywood . The core veneers for rubbish quality film faced plywood are very bad, but the core veneers for Oil Treated Plywood are good.

Cheap Shuttering Plywood














Cheap Shuttering Plywood















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