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SONCAP Certification

If you export to Nigeria, your Nigeria partner may ask you provide a SONCAP Certificate for his import customs clearance .

SONCAP is the abbreviation of Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program. It is an mandatory certification in Nigeria for all imported products except those on SONCAP Exempted Products List . Furniture, floor, plywood, fiberboard should pass SONCAP .

The Goal of SONCAP
Authenticates the goods are in conformity with the relevant Nigerian regulations and approved national / international technical standards (e.g. ISO standard), ensures that the imported products are not unsafe and sub-standard goods.

Stages Of Obtaining SONCAP
Stage 1: Product Certificate (PC)
Exporters apply for PC at SONCO (SON Country Office).
Required documents:
a. Request for Product Certification (RFPC)
b. accredited Test Report

PC is applicable for exporters who export to Nigeria for the first time . PC may be valid for maximum 3 years .

Stage 2: SONCAP Certificate (SC)(Shipment Certification)
Exporters apply for SC at SONCO after got PC.

a. Request for SONCAP Certification (RFSC)
b. copy of invoice for products which will be shipped
c. packing list
d. pictures of products

SC is required for each shipment . SC is used by importers to
clear the goods from Customs in Nigeria.

Basic Charges For SONCAP Certification

For Product Certificate: 18$ per month. Charges for 3 years are 18$ * 12 months * 3 years = 648$ .
PC amendment charge: US$50
Duplicate PC charge: US$50

For SONCAP Certificate: US$300 per SC
SC Amendment charges: US$ 100
Duplicate SC charges: US$ 100

Other charges like CTN fees are exist .

Terms Of SONCAP Certification

SON: Standards Organisation of Nigeria
CTN: Cargo Tracking Note
Form M: Nigerian importers should apply for the opening of Form “M” at authorised dealer bank before shipment . Form M can be treated as an import licence . Form M number must be quoted on all shipping documents.

SONCAP Official Website

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