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Aircraft Plywood

Aircraft Plywood Aircraft plywood, also called airplane plywood, is the top grade durable plywood. As the name indicates, aircraft plywood were used for aircraft construction through World War II .

Aircraft plywood can be very thin plywood . The thinnest general plywood may be as thin as 1.8mm . But aircraft plywood can be 0.4mm thin .

The face veneers and inner plies for aircraft plywood are free of open defects. However, tiny sound tight knots are allowed in the face plies. Gaps and voids are not allowed in core layers . Usually the back veneers are a little worse than the face veneers because a few tiny defects are allowed in the back veneers . But the back veneers can be the same good grade as face veneers .

The adhesives used in the manufacture of aircraft plywood shall be WBP phenol formaldehyde, WBP melamine formaldehyde, which are thermosetting glues . The species for producing aircraft plywood are birch, mahogany, hard maple, beech, walnut, douglas fir and so on .

Aircraft plywood are durable, strong and lightweight . Aircraft plywood can be used in the manufacturing of aircraft, boats, furniture, model airplanes, model boats, musical instruments, toys and wooden crafts.

The specifications of aircraft plywood:
Thicknesses : 0.4 mm,    0.6mm,    0.8mm,    1.0mm,   1.2mm,    1.5mm,   1.8mm,    2.0mm,   2.5mm,  3mm,  4mm,  5mm .
Size : 1220x1220mm,   1270 x 1270 mm,  1220x2440mm,  1500 x 1500mm,   1525 x 1525 mm,  1550 x 1550mm  or other sizes
Grade : A/A (I / I),  A/B(I / II)
Adhesives : WBP (Phenol-formaldehyde)
Formaldehyde emission : E1
Moisture Content: 8%~12%
Density : 580-650 KG/CBM

Aircraft plywood standards:
United States:
Germanischer Lloyd (GL I ; GL II):  Rules for Surveying and Testing of Plywood for Aircraft

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