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Hardwood Logs Applications Of Hardwood & The Principles For Choosing A Hardwood

Hardwoods are used in a large range of applications:

1. Furniture
2. Door & Window
3. Flooring & Decking
4. Wall Panel & Ceiling
5. Joinery
6. Cabinetry
7. Moulding & Turning
8. Plywood, Veneer, Man-made Board
9. Ship Building
10. Stair
11. Railway Sleeper
12. Post
13. Toy, Gift, Crafts
14. Tool Handle
15. Musical Instrument
16. Construction & Decoration

Principles for choosing hardwood species for your application:

Many hardwood species with different characteristics are available. It is important to select the right hardwood for your end uses. The following principles are helpful:

1. Aesthetic principle:
Select the hardwood with a texture, grain and color that fit the style of your application;
2. Physical properties:
The density, hardness, bending strength, durability, stability should meet your requirement;
3. Workability:
The machining properties should be considered: Is it easy or difficult to cutting, sanding, nailing, gluing, finishing ?
4. Meet the budget:
Select the hardwood that fit within your budget.

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