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JPIC Plywood Introduction to JPIC Formaldehyde Emission Grades

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas which is hazardous to health. Japan has one of the strictest Formaldehyde Emission standards in the world . JAS JPIC Standard use a four-star system to indicate the Formaldehyde Emission Grades for plywood, Blockboard, MDF, hardboard, furniture and other wooden boards.

JAS lists the Formaldehyde Emission grades in JIS A 1460 (2005) Building Boards Determination of formaldehyde emission – Desicator method / JAS JPIC-EW.SE00-01 / Notification No. 1751 2008 Japanese Agricultural Standard for Plywood and some other standards for other wooden products.

Japanese Formaldehyde Emission Grades (mg/L)

Grades (Rating)   Average Value              Max. Value
F☆☆☆☆                  0.3mg/L                   0.4mg/L
F☆☆☆                     0.5mg/L                   0.7mg/L
F☆☆                       1.5mg/L                   2.1mg/L
F☆                          5.0mg/L                   7.0mg/L
Note: These values are achieved through Desiccator Test .

If a structural plywood is rated F☆☆☆☆, the plywood has the lowest Formaldehyde Emission value . F☆ Plywood has highest Formaldehyde Emission value .  The more stars the wooden product is rated, the less amount of formaldehyde it emits.

Expression of Formaldehyde Emission Grades

F☆☆☆☆  is also expressed as  F****, F 4-stars, F four-stars, or F4
F☆☆☆    is also expressed as  F***,    F3 star,   F three-stars or F3
F☆☆       is also expressed as  F**,     F2 star,    F two-stars or F2
F☆         is also expressed as  F*,        F1 star,   F one-star or F1 .

Usage of Formaldehyde Emission Grades

All plywood, fiberboard, wooden boards and other wooden products should be marked with their Formaldehyde Emission Grades. Wooden products with different Formaldehyde Emission Grades have different usage .
For example, according to these standards, F4 plywood can be used interior without limitations . F3, F2 plywood can be used interior with some limitations. F1 plywood is not allowed to be used interior .

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