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Birch Veneers

Veneer Prices


Commodity: Hardwood Veneers           

Type: Sliced Veneers           

Usage: fancy plywood, fancy MDF, furniture           

Veneer Prices           
Price term: market prices in China           


Species              Thickness       Grade       Prices
Anegre                  0.6mm          A        1.99 USD/M2
Black Walnut          0.6mm          A        1.99 USD/M2
Pomele Sapele        0.6mm          A        4.59 USD/M2
Thai Teak              0.5mm        AAA       3.83 USD/M2
Anegre                  0.6mm         AA       2.45 USD/M2
White Chempaka    0.6mm         AA       0.77 USD/M2

White Birch           0.3mm          AA       0.61 USD/M2
White Birch           0.6mm          AA      1.00 USD/M2
White Birch           0.4mm          AA      0.84 USD/M2
Basswood             0.3mm         AA       0.77 USD/M2
Black Walnut         0.6mm         AA       2.76 USD/M2
Black Walnut         0.4mm         AA       1.84 USD/M2
Red Birch              0.6mm         AA       0.92 USD/M2
Red Oak                0.6mm         AA       1.68 USD/M2
Padauk                 0.4mm         AA       1.99 USD/M2
Pomele Sapele       0.6mm         AA       7.66 USD/M2

1. The above mentioned prices are quoted from different veneer wholesalers.
2. This price list is for veneer importers and distributors’ reference only. These prices may fluctuate.

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