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Hardwood plywoodWhat’s the Contents of Shipping Marks for Plywood ?

During packing, manufacturers will print two kinds of marks for plywood: 1. Marks stamped on each sheets of plywood; 2: Marks printed on packages of plywood .

Marks On Plywood Panels
Marks on plywood panels are usually stamped on the back or side of plywood panels. The marks can be plywood grade, brand name or Logo, QC’s name or No. .

Example: BB/CC Grade Bintangor Plywood – Towood Brand

Marks on Packages
Marks on packages are shipping marks . The marks can be: Name of Commodity,  Species of the face/back veneers and core veneers, Glue , Grades of plywood, Formaldehyde emission grade, Country of Origin, Batch Number or Contract No., manufacturers or traders brand/LOGO, Number of Sheets per Crates, panel size, thickness, the plywood standard .

Full Birch Plywood,
BB/CP Grade, WBP Glue
No. Of Sheets/Crates: 35 PCS
S/C: Towood – 11-03

Usually, the marks are designated by manufacturers,  importers,  wholesalers or distributors  .

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