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Malaysian hardwoodNatural Durability Classification (Malaysia Standard)

Natural durability is the inherent resistance of heartwood timber to decay, fungi and insect. Natural durability doesn’t refer to the sapwood of tree, because the sapwood timber of all species has very poor durability .

The natural durability of a wood species is evaluated by a variety of standards. Malaysia has a unique standard for rating the natural durability of her lumbers.

In Malaysia, nutural durability ratings are obtained through “Grave Yard Test”. The test specimen is a stake of size 50 x 50 x 600mm . In the test, half of the length of
the stake is buried into the test grounds. The ratings are depended on the time when the timbers in the grounds becomes “Moderately decay and/or Moderately termite attack”.

In Malaysia, timbers are classified into four groups by their natural durability ratings:

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OSBOriented Strand Board (OSB) – Engineered Wood Based Panel

Oriented strand board (OSB) is an engineered man-made panel made of wood strands in specific orientations . The strands of wood are bonded together with adhesives under pressure and heat .

OSB is durable, strong, rigid and defect-free . It’s easy to use OSB which can be sawn, planed, nailed, screwed and painted . OSB is an excellent replacement of equivalent grades of plywood, solid panel or other wood panels.

There are 4 types of OSB according to their physical properties. Their moisture-resistant ability is depending on the glue used.

OSB/1 : general purpose OSB (interior use in dry conditions)
Glue: UF glue (Urea Formaldehyde)
For non-structural usages, packing, furniture, decorating.

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Plywood DimensionsPlywood Dimensions In Russia

In Russia, the plywood is produced according to Russian standard GOST 3916.1-96 . GOST 3916.1-96 defined the plywood dimensions:

Plywood Dimensions:
Length(Width)                 Min(Max)Tolerance (Unit:mm)
1200,1220,1250                          +/- 3,0
1500,1525,1800,1830                  +/- 4,0
2100,2135,2440,2500                  +/- 4,0
2700,2745,3050,3600,3660         +/- 5,0

In Russia, the common plywood sizes are:
Unit:MM                Unit:Feet
1220 x 1220            4′ x 4′
1220 x 2440            4′ x 8′
1525 x 1525            5′ x 5′
1525 x 3050            5′ x 10′
1830 x 1525            6′ x 5′
1830 x 2440            6′ x 8′

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hardwood plywoodTypes of Plywood According to JPIC/JAS Standards

JPIC/JAS Standards divided plywood into 5 types as follows:

1. Plywood for General Use (Common plywood)

Bonding Quality: Type I or Type II ,

Used in dry conditions or occasional moist conditions;

The glue is usually moisture resistant glue such as urea formaldehyde resin, melamine-modified urea formaldehyde resin (MUF) or better glues;
Can not be used for structural purpose;

Face/back are common hardwood or common softwood species.

Applications: decoration, furniture, packing, and non-load-bearing applications in building, roofing, wall sheathing.

2. Concrete Forming Plywood (Shuttering Plywood)

For shuttering purpose, used as concrete formwork panel;

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What Are FK Glue And FSF Glue ?

If you import plywood from Russia, you may find that the glue for their plywood are FK glue or FSF glue .  What are FK glue and FSF glue ?

In fact, ‘FK’ stands for Water Resistant Glue (it should be Moisture Resistant Glue) , i.e. MR glue .  FK glue is urea-formaldehyde resin (carbamide-formaldehyde resin) , which should meet E1 or E2 grade. ‘FK plywood’ means ‘MR plywood’ . FK plywood is interior plywood which can be used for interior decoration, furniture, packing.

‘FSF’ means ‘water proof glue’ ( it should be ‘water boiling proof glue’), i.e. WBP glue . FSF glue should be phenol-formaldehyde resin . ‘FSF plywood’ is exterior plywood (WBP plywood), which can be used for building & construction, flooring, roofing, furniture, shipbuilding.

The meaning of FK & FSF:

FK – water resistant plywood (Moisture Resistant, MR plywood)

FSF – water proof plywood (water boiling proof, WBP plywood)