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What Are FK Glue And FSF Glue ? If you import plywood from Russia, you may find that the glue for their plywood are FK glue or FSF glue .  What are FK glue and FSF glue ? In fact, ‘FK’ stands for Water Resistant Glue (it should be Moisture Resistant Glue) , i.e. MR […]

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Lumber or timer means wood cut from trees which is milled, either rough or finished and ready for uses like building and construction, carpentry, furniture, flooring .

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Tolerance on thickness Of Plywood and the related Number Of Plies.

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Manufacturers will print two kinds of marks for plywood: 1. Marks stamped on each sheets of plywood; 2: Marks printed on packages of plywood .

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Do you want to know from which country who sent you a Email address or gave you a call ? There are two simple ways.