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Black Film Faced Plywood

The quality of black film paper in China varies from economical quality to the top quality .

Black film of top quality has much better water resistant properties . So when you buy black film faced plywood, you had better confirm the quality of the black film paper with your suppliers .

But please also keep in mind that black film paper of top quality is much more expensive than black film paper of economical quality .

Customers import not only brown film faced plywood of top quality , but also black film faced plywood of top quality or even black wiremesh plywood .

Black Film Faced Plywood We produce the best black film faced plywood as the following:

Product Name: black film faced plywood
(1). Film color:black film(top quality)
(2). Appearance type: slip type / wiremesh(anti-slip) type
(3). Core: poplar, hardwood, birch
(4). Glue: WBP(phenolic)
(5). Size: 1220X2440mm (4’x8′), 1250X2500mm
(6). Thickness: 4mm-30mm

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